Digital and Traditional

The following are a selection of various renderings showcasing both digital and hand rendering techniques.


The Stud


This featured shoe is a rendering of my first full pair of shoes designed and physically created. The inspiration was taking traditional men's Brouging and reversing it. Rather than create it as a traditional hole punched detail, I decided to raise and contrast it through the use of gold nail head rivets.


Sport Collection

This is a line up for a sport collection including men's, women's, and kids footwear. It was a study in designing many various sports from road running, trail running and basketball.

Water Color Study

Above is a weekender bag i used as a study in the use of water colors. It was a previously existing bag which I positioned to study, while also taking liberty to add some new pockets.

The above line up is a winter collection designed for skiing resort wear. Here I highlight functional materials and soling while remaining fashionable and sporty.

Hand water colored renderings were the choice I made for my senior Thesis. (seen above) Given the rich nature of the inspiration I felt it was more fitting and lively to include hand rendering vs. digital.